Dolphins Charity Fundraiser – United Cerebral Palsy
For Football Seasons 1991 & 1992
Dolphins Annual Touch Football Benefit for the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Weekend Warriors

Recently several members of our staff participated in the 5th Annual Touch Football Benefit for Cerebral Palsy. This tournament was the culmination of four months of practice and conditioning by our Weekend Warriors. As the weekend began, our team donned new uniforms and a can’t miss game plan headed for Giants Stadium and start of what was to be an exciting, yet brutal tournament. The confidant Dolphins (our team name) took to the field for their first game only to find themselves on the wrong end of the football score. Although we had several outstanding plays, it was evident we needed to make some adjustments to win. Once Coach Ribo regrouped his troops we knew success would follow. The next two games were willed with great passes, clutch catches, mean defense and an overall team effort. The result of this outstanding play was back-to-back wins and the chance to return Sunday with their Super Bowl hopes still alive.

UCP-logoThe arrival of Sunday brought with it 95° temperatures. Armed with Gatorade™ and various protective gear (from many turf burns sustained), our fearless warriors were out to prove that they were more than just 15 guys in sharp uniforms. The Dolphins approached each game in a businesslike manner knowing that one more loss meant elimination from the tournament. As the day progressed and the wins started piling up, not only did the teams confidence grow, but also the fans’ appreciation of many heart stopping plays. Every win saw a new hero, whether it was LV breaking up potential touchdowns, Frank Cephous sacking the quarterback, our linebacker trio of Hedgie, Jaime and Tom making key interceptions. Jason Cue hooking up with John Bienick for a last minute score, Kevin Shuster hitting someone real hard, Mike Klima and Dave Price relentlessly battling whomever stood between them and the quarterback of one of our quick “R” receivers of Rick, Rob and Robbie enduring another vicious hit in order to make a game-winning reception.

With 5:00 pm approaching, our Dolphins exhausted the bloodied, found themselves with an 8-1 record and in the championship game. Now they need to muster up enough strength to battle a much more rested team loaded with outstanding athletes. As the game took shape, it was evident that although their spirit was willing, not everyone’s body was cooperating. The Dolphins opponents scored only once, but that one score proved too great of an obstacle for our battered troops to overcome. When the final gun sounded, the score was Raiders 7 – Dolphins 0. The team had come up short on the scoreboard; but time and time again they proved that they were long on inner fortitude while exemplifying the true meaning of teamwork.