FREE Health Club & Fitness Folders

Fitness Folder

We provide to fitness centers, free of charge, a professionally created pocket folder to hold documents related to their health & fitness goals. It is an informative, professional new member folder created, printed and shipped FREE OF CHARGE to you, for distribution to all of your health club members and prospects.

Alongside the current artists that We have on staff, our health club promotions staff aims to create a presentation folder that will suit the image of your health club as well as aid your prospective and current members in the preparation to optimal health – not to mention that these folders serve as an effective reference tool for all of the local merchants that you refer and do business with.

This is how it works: We work with you to customize a folder that features your health club’s name, logo, contact information and photos. Inside these two-pocket folders is a pre-printed informative, educational health and fitness guide required for members to achieve their goals safely and effectively. It also explains the importance of using a personal trainer, has body fat guidelines, calorie intake guidelines, spinal and anatomy charts to help members understand how the body works. In addition, the guide has a built in training log for members to use each time they enter the club, and we added a new feature this year to our folders that will allow the members to scan and print a One Week Pass for a friend. It is like a built in buddy referral program!

Fitness FolderTogether with the pockets, this folder gives your members a place to collect and keep all of their notes, clippings, and information. These are very popular throughout the health club industry, and provide revenue in both directions as your preferred vendors can offer discounts, coupons and promotions on their advertising spaces. This then provides value for you when offering memberships to new prospects.

Remember, there is absolutely NO CHARGE to you for these folders, or for the delivery of them to your health club. The goal is for you to provide these folders free of charge to your members and prospects.

All we ask is that you identify some businesses that you have working relationships with, that you would like to see featured and recommended exclusively on your folders. These businesses, approved by you, will receive the benefit of target marketing their services to your member base. The cost is nominal, and your network of referrals will receive exclusive space for an entire year.


  • Scan and print 1 week pass
  • Health and fitness guidelines
  • Discount coupons from vendors & much more!
  • The importance of using a personal trainer
  • Body fat guidelines
  • Information based on the law of thermodynamics & N.A.S.M
  • Calorie intake guidelines
  • Spinal and anatomy charts
  • Built in training log with starting weight, body fat, waist and chest inches, body mass index with 1, 3 & 6 month goals
  • Motivational and educational
  • Guaranteed to sell more memberships
“Our folders are so informative… Everybody wants one!”
Recommendation Letter

We want to thank you for the extraordinary job with our beautiful Membership Folios and Fitness Guides! The brilliant design and custom insides really hit the mark! They’ve really captured the spirit and brand of our business and we cannot wait to introduce them to all of our (over 3,000) current members! We’re also super excited to have them incorporated into all of our new membership tours and marketing ventures.

The fact that they are free and incorporate all of our local business partners really strengthens our brand and commitment to being a leader in our industry!

We look forward to all of the success and positive exposure our new Membership Guides and Fitness Folios will bring to us and all of our partners and customers! We highly recommend to any business looking for a marketing edge to their growing business in their community. They are really in tune to the often overlooked and under-serviced relationships and partnerships that exist within our own business and community.

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